Teamish Creative


    Case Study

    Auto Dealership (Infiniti)


    What separates one car dealership from another? Obviously the make, the deals and availability of cars. More importantly, the people that close those deals. To showcase your talent and personality you need custom content. In the age of YouTube, everyone has the ability to be a host of their own show. We were able to build a culture for the top performing salesmen by having customers DEMAND them once they stepped foot into the dealership. We paired our organic content with an atypical approach to digital marketing. Most dealerships spend money on car max leads, magazine ads and various outdated platforms that carry a very low ROI. We went with the simple approach of using FB/IG ads and the results were astounding.


    • Build awareness of the dealership.
    • Create a culture of personable salesmen online.
    • Utilize alternative platforms to advertise
    • Create custom content
    • Showcase new cars
    • Showcase trade ins
    • Incentivize potential buyers found on social media to come in


    • Customer acquisition cost went down by 60% in the first 90 days
    • Cost per click went from $6 to 30 CENTS!
    • Feed went from boring corporate to RELATABLE¬†



    90 Days