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    Case Study

    Elucid™ Skin Care


    ELUCID™ is a skin care company founded on the principles of simplifying skin care while giving clients the highest quality product at the lowest cost. Our team consists of people with diverse lifestyles so we made sure everyone and their loved ones could use these products to help them feel great about their skin health. The ELUCID™ line gives your skin the nutrients and protection it needs to stay healthy, firm and radiant. Our community consists of not only Skin Care experts but everyday people that put their skin through tough conditions.


    • Create the Elucid™ Skin Care brand from ground zero
    • Create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing website
    • Create social channels (Focused on Instagram & TikTok)
    • Create branding assets (Logos, Labels, Banners)
    • Develop affiliate program for a strong organic community
    • Recruit paid influencers for major traffic, conversion activity & brand awareness
    • Create Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads/TikTok/Snapchat campaigns for prospecting and retargeting consumers
    • Scale brand month to month by recruiting and managing influencers as well as affiliates


    Elucid is a NEW BRAND launched with a lead influencer (Dawson Myles) who has played a major part in the development of Elucid products. As a team, we tested multiple skin care formulations that provided the most benefits for people who put their skin through the toughest conditions. We launched with a 3 Step Essentials Bundle and we are looking to expand our product line into other personal care products. We will be updating this page as the brand grows and showcasing our results.