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    Dr. Lebowitz


    Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz is a NY based Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon with over 25 years of extensive training and experience. After receiving his MD from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio., Dr. Lebowitz completed plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery fellowships at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic prior to going into private practice. As a private practitioner Dr. Lebowitz understands the importance of digital marketing when it comes to building a medical practice and has partnered with us for the past three years to help him educate and gain the interest of potential patients through his social media platforms. As a result, Dr. Lebowitz has become a YouTube celebrity with surgeries booked well over a year in advance with zero marketing dollars spent. His organic content is viewed daily by millions of people GLOBALLY.


    How we bring patients to you

    • Let us help put a “face” behind your practice. It is a known fact that people feel more comfortable when they have an opportunity to see and hear a physician before booking a consultation. We will work closely with you to develop personal narratives and interviews that allow you to get in front of potential patients to build comfort and trust.
    • Our team will be there to film and document your most popular procedures, discreetly and with patient consent. Video content is key in helping potential patients better understand what they can expect should they elect to have a specific procedure.
    • Before and After photos build excitement and showcase your best work.
    • Consistently posted content (3-5 times per week) will significantly increase your organic reach so people who search for a specific surgery are more likely to find you organically. This means over time you won’t need to invest in paid media since your content will be doing the work for you.
    • Accelerate your growth by pairing your organic content with our world-class digital marketing campaigns to bring patients to you sooner!




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