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    Pre-Event Teaser

    Hype Video

    How do you excite people without giving away too much? Create a HYPE video! High energy cinematic videos are our passion.

    Short Form Content

    Keep Up With The Times

    Ask any creative if they prefer vertical videos over widescreen videos... Absolutely not! TikTok & Reels have skyrocketed engagement rates. Vertical videos with subtitles are absolutely essential for your brand as people will scroll on for hours watching short form content. This was our official event announcement video which sparked interest and filled the event capacity to 100%

    Short Form Content Continued

    Product Infomercial

    The same short-from content with dynamic subtitles is GREAT for product specific content. You can utilize this content as organic posts or paid media ads. Our ROAS for all brands has been steadily increasing using this sort of style of content.

    Boss Bears®

    Dynamic Ad

    Boss Bears® Gummies are super high quality compared to the average gummy out there. The difference is not just in the potency but also in the physical properties of the gummies. For creative, we could've went the User Generated Content route but we decided to create content like this. A high quality ad highlighting our message: Take Life To The Next Level.

    NYC Boat Party

    Henry Fong

    Henry Fong is a world class DJ. Producing hit after hit and selling out events world wide, he knows how to put on a show!

    Automotive Content

    High Performing Content

    This Tesla video was created just for fun, but we have experience with large car dealerships utilizing our creative services and putting it to work with their marketing activities (all under NDAs - dealerships like to keep their secret sauce secret because of how cut-throat the industry is).

    Our lead conversions shot up by 30% in less than 90 days. Our Meta ads (FB/IG) brought in more walk ins. Our organic content created a sense of awareness that generic content never could as leads walked in asking for a specific salesman without ever stepping foot in the dealership before. We create super relatable content that people enjoy not only for the car but also for the entertainment.