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    Case Study

    Flex Disc


    Flex Disc is a smaller fitness company that has had zero to no experience with any digital marketing apart from a very basic affiliate program. Due to the nature of the product finding the perfect strategy was of utmost importance. Using a combination of in depth A/B ad testing we were successfully able to find the most responsive audience. Through collaboration between our web development team and the company’s founder, we created a hub for the Flex Disc community to showcase training videos. The hub served as an educational resource for anyone looking to learn on how and what to do with the Flex Disc products ultimately increasing the user experience.


    • Create a scaleable cohesive digital marketing strategy.
    • Build out paid media campaigns on Instagram/Facebook.
    • Create demographic specific content appealing to different genders and fitness categories.
    • Created a targeted affiliate program of high quality trainers.
    • Engage affiliates in monthly collaborations.



    • 3.5x ROAS in the second month with a limited budget & data.
    • Company revenue up 8x after 2nd month of partnership
    • Affiliate Sales doubled
    • 100% participation from affiliates on all collaborations.





    Affiliate Participation



    Affiliate Sales