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    Case Study

    Motiv-8 Performance®


    Motiv-8 Performance® came to us as a well-established company with great branding, developed fulfillment logistics and a basic affiliate network.  They understood in order to get to the next level of profit, diversification of revenue channels and expansion into new markets was a critical next step.  Through a scalable and strategic approach we optimized Motiv8’s FB/IG to perform 30% better in the first month, followed shortly by Google Ads and a successful email marketing campaign.  We were further able to increase organic impressions and website traffic by doubling the size of their affiliate network, while ensuring their content is on point and their website is operating smoothly. Motiv8 is a great example of what our cohesive approach does for great results.


    • Smooth transition to take over all of Motiv8’s Social Media marketing needs.
    • Increase ROI by increasing order value of existing customer base.
    • Expansion into new markets.
    • Create cohesive affiliate monthly collaborations including giveaways, brand networking promotions & new product launches.
    • Create various campaign content with specific demographics in mind
    • Add life to Motiv8’s social feed through creative organic content
    • Continue email marketing to engage customers existing and newly subscribed customers.
    • Optimize website for promotions, product launches and conversion rate.
    • Optimize & Scale Amazon Operations


    • Our FB/IG ads generated a 4x ROAS in month one, a 30% increase. Our sales/promotional campaigns generate anywhere between 6x-10x ROAS.
    • Affiliate network doubled in size and tripled in reach.
    • Affiliate sales jumped 30% in the first month.
    • Page engagement increased by 50% as evidenced by increased follower count, likes and comments.
    • Organic content went from generic graphics to relatable lifestyle content.


    ROAS (First Month)



    ROAS (Black Friday)



    Store Conversion Rate